“Talking Protest music at Occupy Wall St. with Spirit Family Reunion. Grounded News video report 4”

It will roll in from the east like a ship’s return from sea
It will ring out through the west across golden valleys
Rising up from the south, that’s where I want to be
Someone is calling me

When my name is spoken I will answer
When my name is spoken I will answer
I will lay down my worries and my cares for
I ain’t got no friend like you

It is whispered in the rumbling where raging waters flow
It is hidden in the shadows where hungry men do go
I have seen it lain before like an angel in the snow
Someone is calling me

Have you listened with your ears pressed firmly to the ground?
Have you lifted up your head to hear that emanating sound?
Have you really given thanks for all the precious things you’ve found?
Someone is calling you