(Score:  Battle Hymn of the Republic)




In Revolution No. 1 we fought the Bloody Brits.

Georgie taxed us up the tookis and gave not two kingly sh*ts.

He had to keep the Queen in jewels and feed the royal twits.

The fight for justice dawned…


The Bluebloods in America upheld the thieving Crown.

His Majesty sent Redcoats o’er to keep the peasants down.

Deep unrest in the colony evoked a royal frown.

The fight for justice sped…


Enough’s enough our forebears said, of that they had no doubt.

Their audacious rebel spirit sparked the necessary clout —

our pissed-off people rose as one … and kicked the bandits OUT

And justice then prevailed.


Chorus:  Glory, glory, Alleluia! Glory, glory, Alleluia!

Glory, glory, Alleluia!  Folks mobilized and Won.





In Revolution No. 2, Big Business is The King

with power absolute through politicians on a string.

To their Empire, known as Congress, corporate lobbyists all bring

Campaign donations huge…


Countless millions get the royal shaft from Industry so big —

minor wages, zero health care, part-time, temps, the downsize gig,

layoffs, furloughs —  yet, a Congress jumping to the corporate jig.

The fight for justice dawns…


Untold millions have NO health care nor a LIVING wage to boot.

Insolvent grow our working poor while the rich take all the loot.

When government’s don’t listen, insurrectionists recruit.

The fight for justice moves…


March united, risen people as our rebels rose before.

Let corporate Kings, by peasant sweat, give royal shafts no more.

OFF our knees, empowered, dauntless, all oppressors hear us roar —

We’ll  Mobilize and WIN!

Repeat Chorus


© 1996, Alice Connally Fisk. Permission granted to leaflet, set to music, sing!!