“He Was a Human Being”

a woman and man came together
of love, lust or of need
i was nurtured inside of a mother
for a good part of 36 weeks
til the world, it was time to meet
i was titled, tagged and released
found comfort in arms who loved me
found reason to wake and repeatjust like you, i suppose
maybe my fortunes were few
i work shitty jobs, there’s holes in my shoes
i could be you

i bet a smile came to your face
at the sight of your child’s first steps
the tears you cried no words could displace
when you learned you’d never see your wife again
you were proud your candidate won
wished there was more they had done
“the land of the free, and the home of the brave”
you sang before each ball game

just like me, i suppose
maybe the fortunes just mean
you drive a mercedes, have a big screen tv
when you know, you could be me

so at last when you rest
and your fortunes here are left
will your eulogy read he was rich and greedy
or he has a human being

released 19 November 2011